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Large Washers and Dryers

Laundry in Marlborough

EZ Laundromat in Marlborough has some of the biggest Washers and Dryers any Laundromat can have. Our Large capacity washers are energy efficient and consume less water and power per wash, keeping the environment green. Because of the large size drums these washers have they wash better using less detergent and softener. As the capacity of the washers we have is huge you can wash 1 weeks laundry in one of our 80 pound washers within 26 minutes and spend less time then you would at home.

Washers and Dryers are equipped with Coin slots and Credit Card swipes. So you can use coins or just your Credit Card to start machines. Easy !!

Laundromat in Marlborough

Full Line of High Capacity Washers & Dryers

  • 80 Pound Washer – Washes 8 loads at a time
  • 60 Pound Washers – Washes 6 loads at a time
  • 40 Pound Washers – Washes 4 loads at a time
  • 20 Pound Washers – Washes Double loads a time
  • Top load Washers – For smaller single load washes
  • Top load Washers – For smaller single load washes
  • 75 Pound Dryers – Now that’s a Big Dryer
  • 45 Pound Dryers – High capacity dryers which dry faster
  • 30 Pound Dryers – High capacity efficient dryers